My Approach

If you have ever paid to have your photo professionally taken, you know that unfortunately, most photographers treat their work like a factory.

I am incapable of that; as an artist, I am deeply invested in every session and intend to develop an atmosphere where we can create images together that are honest, intriguing and unique.

My photographic style projects a daring blend of fine art and high fashion aesthetic designed to capture each client with clarity and intensity.

I aim to nurture your individual sense of character and highlight your creative and professional potential throughout every shoot.

It is my genuine belief that your photos should distinguish you from everyone else in a casting office, online gallery or audition and produce a distinct perspective for the viewer that showcases your personality and excellence. 

About Me

My name is Nobel Lakaev and I grew up on the golden beaches of Australia.

My background is in classical and contemporary ballet which, at 18, brought me to New York City to study at the prestigious Juilliard School of Performing Arts. at Juilliard, I became well acquainted with the many realms of a professional artist and gradually allowed my own creative horizons to expand.

Throughout these years exploring the world as a dancer and choreographer, I found myself increasingly enamored with capturing beautiful moments and people on camera. I am now also an award winning filmmaker and photographer.

 Please contact me with any questions regarding rates, packages and scheduling.